on the way home


the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. | lao tzu

from the beginning

committing to something as life-changing as becoming a full-time traveling family is scary. there are so many new things to process and learn.  i thought once we said it aloud that it would somehow become easier to wrap our minds around and we would suddenly have the nerve to do it. it has opened up so really exciting conversations about what a full-time life spent traveling might look like, but it has also welcomed in some uncomfortable fears about what such a different lifestyle might look like. there’s definitely a reason people stick with what they know! there is comfort in the ordinary in- &-outs of the familiar day-to-day. and this kind of radical travel life isn’t as commonplace as it was 200 years ago. we still have a lot to learn about how we are going to make this feasible for our little family!

looking ahead

when you think about the fact that in two years from this month, we want to be traveling abroad full-time with a 2 year old and a 6 year old – that timeline just seems so small.

since we committed to this goal in january of this year, we have worked tirelessly to make progress on the goals we have in mind before we leave and committed to prioritizing any kind of travel we can.  we’ve started selling items around our home,  gotten everleigh’s passport,  and purchased a vehicle better suited for road-tripping,  aaralyn carries her “adventure backpack” most places to get her used to the responsibility of caring for her own items on the go. we’ve been experimenting with walking long distances together and have tried to bike and exercise even more as a family.

we want to ease into the new rhythm of this lifestyle in the next two years so that it’s not such a huge shock when we finally take off. overall, the girls seem to be more resilient than the adults, because well like I said before, sometimes a lifetime of rigorous routine makes it hard to see that the pieces of the puzzle can line up differently to make an even better picture.


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