Disney Dinner Series Introduction

­­­­­­FamPicHi! We’re the Yarsulik family!

We LOVE to travel, but with the addition of a new baby in 2017, traveling the world in 2018 seemed a little far-fetched. Thus the concept for Disney Dinners was born!

Here’s Our Idea

We came up with the concept of Disney dinners as a of way of marrying the ideas of learning about a new culture in a family setting with a popular animated Disney film. Ultimately that’s what I pictured in my head with our Disney Dinner theme nights — a really fun and cozy way to introduce our girls (and ourselves) to the food and culture of many of the different lands that some of the classic Disney movies transport us to.

Since this was the first time we’ve ever done something like this and we have two daughters, we strategically selected certain Disney princesses to match up with the months of the year.

We figured we could further immerse Aaralyn, our oldest Daughter, in the fairy tale aspect of the evening by allowing her to attend the Disney Dinner in the “actual” dress that each princess wore for that evening’s movie.

We felt that the family friendly content that the Disney films has to offer paired with some intentional culture exposure would be a perfect age appropriate immersion to a more conscientious and accepting worldview for our child down the road when we do set out to travel in 2020.

Looking “Abroad”

A quick internet scour is primarily how we “sourced” the countries to correspond with each Disney princess movie we selected so if the country isn’t overtly obvious in the theme of the movie, we went with our gut and the popular opinion of the public at large for what country matched which movie.

Devoting about 1-2 hours of research on each meal, resources included checking out library books, skimming Pinterest recipes and watching YouTube videos about certain techniques used in the cooking practices of each country.

Prep took anywhere from 4-6 hours just based on the complexity of the menu items chosen for that meal. I wanted to learn something from each experience myself so I tried to also choose dishes that challenged me to learn new techniques.

Magical Can Be Affordable

We set a budget of $60 per meal and did our best to make sure that popular dishes from each country were represented. Save for some pricey items such as regional cheeses, jams or meats, most of the recipes relied on pantry staples.

Our budget for each meal covered food cost ONLY. For the simple purposes of record keeping for this blog, we only recorded the cost of the speciality food items purchased — any other “typical” ingredients were considered pantry staples that most American families would keep on hand (i.e. – flour, butter, eggs, etc). Any decor or special tools we used were things we already owned or borrowed.

The ultimate goal of the Disney Dinners is to expose ourselves and our children to a variety of different cultures, while in the safe confines of our own home in way that is intentional and budget-friendly.

Make sure to follow us to keep up to date with what we are working on. We will be sharing with you the first Disney Dinner soon! Until then, we want to ask – what is your all-time favorite Disney movie, and why?

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